The Song Challenge – Day 13


Hey Guys.

Sorry for the late entry today, I’ve been really busy! But I’m here now! Do not fear, lol!

Today’s Challege: The song with the most plays on your iTunes

This song I found a few weeks ago, and well I’ve played it on soundcloud, 182 times so far. I just really love love LOVE it! Listen and love it like me!


The Song Challenge – Day 12


Today’s Challenge: A Song From Your Favorite Singer

This is actually really hard, since there is really like… A lot of singers I like! So I think I have to chose 2 people in this challenge! I’ve been fan of the first one for 4 years, and the other one for 11 years! Check’em out! There are both amazing!

Drew Seeley
I guess this is no surprise, he really is one of my favorite singers. Like really! He is the first person I’ve ever made a fanpage for, lol! Cause’ as you might know I’m not really the screaming/crying kinda’ fan, and I actually never thought I would be the one making a whole website and everything. But I did! Drew just has an amazing talent, he is so caring and is just really one of my all time favorite singers! I don’t go a day without listening to his music!

Robbie Williams
It’s kinda weird actually… I became a fan of Robbie when I was only 10 years old and the reason why I liked him was because he was riding a horse in the “Feel” music video… Cheesy I know… But since that day I remember his album “Escapology” just being on repeat in my room and I drove my mom crazy! I just think he is a great entertainer and he really is one of my favorite singers! Go Robbie!

The Song Challenge – Day 11


Hey Guys.

Wow. What a craaazy day it was yesterday and also very very lovely. I just love meeting up with the girls and do something nice for charity! Today I’m gonna do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! oh yes.. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day like that. But after what I’ve heard there will be thunder where I live later today… So I really don’t feel like going outside!

Now for today’s challenge!
Today’s Challenge: A song from your favorite band 

Of course something from Take That! This is my ALL TIME favorite band. I just LOOOOVE these guys! I’ve been a fan of Robbie Williams since I was 10 years old and a fan of the rest of the guys since I was 15! One of the songs I really love if this one called “Love Love!” Enjoy!

The Song Challenge – Day 10


Hey Guys!

Oh yeah I am here again… The Song Challenge is going really well so far, thank you for following it! It’s really chill.. I just listen to way too much music, it’s hard to those the new tracks everyday!

But today’s challenge is: A song that makes you fall asleep

If we are talking in a good way, this song is it. I just LOVE this song. It’s one of the songs with most plays on my iTunes. I just fell in love with it from the very first play. It’s sooo chill and amazing when you’re just in bed doin’ nothing..

The Song Challenge – Day 9!


Hey Guys!

Oh yeh, damn the sun is out in Denmark again today! This is just looovely! When I was younger I hated the summer and loved the winter. Now I love winter AND summer… Isn’t life just amazing as you get older?

I’m really tired and really got a lot of work to do before I start working again on Monday! Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with Silene, Annahita & Meiyun who i three amazing girls that is going to make an Amy Paffrath Birthday projects with me. I love a good project and gladly I’m healthy enough now to do it!

And now for the challenge:
Today’s Challenge: A song that you can dance to 

Well because of me being sick and all I havn’t attended dance class the last month and aren’t gonna the next 6 weeks *sad face*. But the last song we made up a dance for before I had to quit was this one! I have a feeling most of you know this one! Enjoy!

The Song Challenge – Day 8!


Hey everybody.

I hope you are all enjoying the day. I feel much better and I’m ready to go back to word soon. It was a tough round with all the medications etc. It’s wonderful feeling back on track!

and now for it!
Today’s Challenge:  A song that you know all the words to 

Ehh.. There a like A LOT of songs I know all the words to..  But  a song that I really enjoy singing a long to is this song called Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J. I just LOVE this song, I myself was bullied in school and the first time I heard this song I almost felt like crying, it’s just amazing and beautiful! check it out!

The Song Challenge: Day 7!


Hey Guys!

So Another great day has begun! Today I’m gonna go back to Copenhagen after spending some lovely days with my family in Jutland. I love being here and spending time with them, but dear God I miss my home and my horses! I hope you are all enjoying the day and keeping is real out there!

and now for the challenge!
Today’s Challenge: A song that reminds you of a certain event 

Hmm this is a song by a Danish band called “Nephew”. The song reminds me of the very first “real” concert I was at. It was like the best night ever and I still look back on it with a huuge smile on my face! This is actually the night I was there, I’m at the first row and it was just like, the best experience ever, see the whole clip to understand why! Enjoy! The song is in english – The bridge is in Danish.