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Top 25 on iTunes!


Hey amazing people!

I just wanted to share with you my iTunes top 25. I listen to a lot of different music and I though some of you could maybe use this as inspiration for new songs to check out!

So here is my current iTunes top 25 list! Enjoy!

# 1 – The Fray – You Found Me

# 2 – Drew Seeley – Fly

#  3 – Maddi Jane – Barricade

# 4 – Katy Perry – California Gurls

# 5 –  Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude

# 6 – Pink – Fuckin’ Perfect

# 7 – Drew Seeley – For The Better

# 8 – DAD – I Want What She’s Got

# 9 – Hampenberg & Alexander FEAT. Pittbull – Raise The Roof

# 10 – Bryan Adams – This Is Where I Belong

# 11 – Jessie J – Who’s Laughing Now

# 12 – Drew Seeley – Star Games

# 13 – Drew Seeley – Into The Fire

# 14 – Chris De Burgh – A Spaceman Came Travelling

# 15 – Ryan Adams – Desiré

# 16 – Leona Lewis – Footprints In The Sand

# 17 – Carrie Underwood – Ever Ever After

# 18 – Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath – Kill 4 You

# 19 – Drew Seeley – Damn Right I’ve Changed

# 20 – Justin Bieber – Turn To You

# 21 – Bryan Rice – There For You

# 22 – Bryan Adams – Open Road

# 23- Bon jovi – It’s My Life

# 24 – Lady Gaga – Born This Way

# 25 – Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe


ENIC concert!


Hey Guys!

So yesterday I was at a concert with this rock band called ENIC. As you might know my mom is a manager and this is one of the bands/artists she is managing! I was out seeing them play live yesterday (never seen’em before) and damn, those guys (and girl) are good! I’m not really a big fan of rock, but some rock like Carpark Noth, Green day etc I really digg… And this, was really awesome! So I just wanted to share some pictures I took yesterday with ya, and also link to one of there songs! They are amazing!

Joining some of ENIC’s fans on the bus!
Selling Merchendice!
Lene,  The lead singer, Backstage… Trying to show me she is rock’n’roll!
The stage is ready for ENIC!
And the concert started!
And one of their songs…

Maddi Jane – Barricade! Original track!


Hey Everybody!

Sorry I havn’t posted the last couple of days, I’ve really been slammed! But don’t worry I’m still here! Yesterday Maddi Jane uploaded her first original video called Barricade. I’ve been following this girl the last two years, and she is just amazing! Actually I am not afraid to say that she might be one of the most talented young kids out there!

Check out her new video and tweet me what you think about it, I know that I LOVE IT!

Camilla Stormont

Eurovision song contest!


Hey everybody!

Yeah. Tonight in Europe there was Eurovision song contest and ofc. I had to check out the songs. Well… First of all my own country Denmark, didn’t get off that well! But I still think the song we came up with was okay! :o)

The winners of course was SWEDEN! Amazing. Our neighbors from the east! The song was just amazing and a true eurovision song. But for me that wasn’t my favorite. Actually the song I liked the most was the U.K even though the song ended up in the button two. I don’t know why but when I listened to the text I was just amazed… But well, Europe didn’t agree with me!

A wonderful night with my mom! Check out the song from U.K right here, don’t know if you’ll agree with me that the lyrics are amazing?

Camilla Stormont

Radio Swag with Bryan Rice!


Hey Guys!

I hope you are enjoying that the summer is now coming closer and closer! I know I am, it’s just amazing. As some of you might know I’m hosting a teen radio show called Radio Swag, and this week Bryan Rice dropped by the studio.

So today I just really wanted to share some of his music with you, he is a really amazing & talented Danish artist, and a really cool person too! So nomatter if you live in the U.S, Africa or Europe, you need to check him out!

And hey you can also go follow him on twitter + like him on facebook! LEGGO!
Bryan Rice on Twitter
Bryan Rice on Facebook 


Camilla Stormont

Turn To You!


Hey Guys!

Yeah so as I said on twitter + facebook I would give you a review of Turn To You’n tell you what I think about this new Justin Bieber song. Since “Baby” came out I’ve followed this boy and checked out the new stuff he did cause well he is a talented kid. I wasn’t really a fan of his first new single “Boyfriend” so I’ve been kinda nervous about this new song Turn To You!

So yeah I’ve played the song a few times on my iPod today and here is what I think about it:

The text is AMAZING. Really really amazing… I myself was also brought up by an alone mom. Me and my mom have been through so many horrible things together and my mom just means everything in the world to me, so this song was very emotional to me. Especially the chorus is really amazing. But, if I have to say something bad about this song it’s the beat in the verses.. I’m really not that big of a fan, it’s kinda annoying to me, especially now that the chorus is as amazing as they are. But yeah, I actually kinda’ like his new style. I don’t see why all the haters keep hating, you can’t say that he ain’t talented? 🙂

Great song, great talent!
4 out of 5 stars from me!

This song reminds me of how much I love my mom!

Top 10 soundtracks!


Hey guys!

So yeah today I wanna share with you the top 10 soundtracks on my iTunes. Just as much I love a good movie I also loooove to track down the soundtracks and check them out… So I just wanted to share with you my top 10 soundtrack list and I though you would might feel inspired to listen to some of these amazing songs! Enjoy!


1. Titanic, The Soundtrack.

2. I Kissed A Vampire, the Soundtrack.

3. The Hunger Games, The Soundtrack

4. The Phantom Of The Opera, The Soundtrack

5. Amelie, The Soundtrack

6. Moulin Rouge, The Soundtrack

7. Saw II, The Soundtrack

8. High School Musical I, The Soundtrack

9. Enchanted, The Soundtrack

10. Grease, The Soundtrack