Trend This TV!


Hey Everybody!

Yeah as I wrote yesterday this blog is moooooving. I hope that it will be in the middle of next week. What does that mean? Well for you – Nothing really. It means that you might experience that you can’t go on the website for a couple of hours, and BAM! Then when you can, the blog is gonna look all different. The new design is going to be the most amazing one so far…  I really can’t wait to share with you guys and I hope you will love it!

Today I wanted to share “Trend This” with you! As a lot of you know I’m a sucker for Amy Paffrath! She is just one of the most amazing people in *kids voice* the whooooole wiiiide wooorld!

She is hosting this new show called Trend This and I just really like this show. Find out who is the stars of tomorrow! Click right HERE to see the pilot episode.

And keep your fingers crossed that there will be more than just this pilot!

See you next time!

Much Love!


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