The Song Challenge – Day 12


Today’s Challenge: A Song From Your Favorite Singer

This is actually really hard, since there is really like… A lot of singers I like! So I think I have to chose 2 people in this challenge! I’ve been fan of the first one for 4 years, and the other one for 11 years! Check’em out! There are both amazing!

Drew Seeley
I guess this is no surprise, he really is one of my favorite singers. Like really! He is the first person I’ve ever made a fanpage for, lol! Cause’ as you might know I’m not really the screaming/crying kinda’ fan, and I actually never thought I would be the one making a whole website and everything. But I did! Drew just has an amazing talent, he is so caring and is just really one of my all time favorite singers! I don’t go a day without listening to his music!

Robbie Williams
It’s kinda weird actually… I became a fan of Robbie when I was only 10 years old and the reason why I liked him was because he was riding a horse in the “Feel” music video… Cheesy I know… But since that day I remember his album “Escapology” just being on repeat in my room and I drove my mom crazy! I just think he is a great entertainer and he really is one of my favorite singers! Go Robbie!


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