The Song Challenge – Day 9!


Hey Guys!

Oh yeh, damn the sun is out in Denmark again today! This is just looovely! When I was younger I hated the summer and loved the winter. Now I love winter AND summer… Isn’t life just amazing as you get older?

I’m really tired and really got a lot of work to do before I start working again on Monday! Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with Silene, Annahita & Meiyun who i three amazing girls that is going to make an Amy Paffrath Birthday projects with me. I love a good project and gladly I’m healthy enough now to do it!

And now for the challenge:
Today’s Challenge: A song that you can dance to 

Well because of me being sick and all I havn’t attended dance class the last month and aren’t gonna the next 6 weeks *sad face*. But the last song we made up a dance for before I had to quit was this one! I have a feeling most of you know this one! Enjoy!


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