The Song Challenge: Day 7!


Hey Guys!

So Another great day has begun! Today I’m gonna go back to Copenhagen after spending some lovely days with my family in Jutland. I love being here and spending time with them, but dear God I miss my home and my horses! I hope you are all enjoying the day and keeping is real out there!

and now for the challenge!
Today’s Challenge: A song that reminds you of a certain event 

Hmm this is a song by a Danish band called “Nephew”. The song reminds me of the very first “real” concert I was at. It was like the best night ever and I still look back on it with a huuge smile on my face! This is actually the night I was there, I’m at the first row and it was just like, the best experience ever, see the whole clip to understand why! Enjoy! The song is in english – The bridge is in Danish.


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