On a hike with mom! Beautiful view!


Hey Everybody!

Today me and my mom decided to go for a walk. We went to this place called “Himmelpind” (meaning: Heaven Stick) which is one of the highest points in Denmark. We took a lot of crazy and beautiful pictures of the view there!



On our way up!
Me feeling the good vibes!
Up, up, up it goes!
 First a lot of walking up hill!
And then 171 stairs!
Almost at the top!
My mom takin’ more picture of me! lol!
Happy face! You can still see how my upper lip in the right site is still a bit swollen after the operation! :s
Creepy smile!
At the top! The stone is saying:”If you want to please your soul and mind, look at the world from “Himmelpind”, Meadow and forrest and city and see, wonderful is God’s earth”. It just rhymes in our language! lol!
The view from the top! So beautiful!
The sun, the birds and just everything. It was soo calm and peaceful!
My mom on her way down!
Do you see the face?
On our way down!
Me and my mom!
We are both weird!

Thanks for watching!


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