The Song Challenge: Day Two!


Hey Guys!

Oh yeah, Day two of the song challenge. I already kinda’ like this. I just love music and I love you guys, so those two things together is just like the best thing ever. This weekend I’m going to Jutland to visit my family and to celebrate my birthday which was last Saturday, really can’t wait to see them all, because I don’t see them that often now I live so far away from them. But I’m sure it’s gonna be good! I’m almost “back to normal” after my trip to the hospital, I’m still on medication, but I’m not all dead anymore, thank God!

Today’s challenge is:  Your favorite singer right now

Hmm… This isn’t really the hardest one in this challenge, because, this might not come as a surprise that my favorite singer right now is Drew Seeley and he really has been one of my favorite singers for a long time! Also, as some of you might know, I run the fanpage called (check it out!) But yeah I just really think that what Drew’s got going is really special and I love his taste in music. So right here I’ll give you his latest release, his music video for his song “Beautiful” from his album called “The Resolution” check it out! And don’t forget to read the runner-ups below the video!

Favorite singers Runner-ups:
Robbie Williams
Jordan Jansen
Jessie J


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