Greetings from the hospital!


Hey Guys.

As some of you might have read on twitter I was rushed to the hospital Thursday. Really not the coolest thing in the world…

I got an operation Saturday because they found out that I had an infection in my jawbone. Today I’m feeling really tired and sleepy and it’s hard for me to get out of bed. So I just wanted to make this short entry to say: THANK YOU GUYS! Thanks for all of your love and greetings! I havn’t had the strength to answer all for them, but know that I read them all and that it means a lot to me! You guys are amazing, thank you so much for following me on twitter, reading my blog and just being so awesome!

A couple of pictures from the hospital!

Camilla Stormont

The view from my bed… Sun down..
My fancy hospital bracelet!
I got flowers…
When I’m not sleeping, I’m listening to music…
After the operation… The fang “ish” thing is the drain.


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