The Lucky One


Hey People.

Yeah so today I went to the movies to check out “The Lucky One” with my lil’sis and of course just wanted to tell you guys what I think about this movie.

Well. I think the movie is really beautiful. The setting is just amazing, the frames and the colors are just perfect. The acting is okay and the story is kinda’ cute. But still I have to stay I was kinda’ disappointed. The script wasn’t really what I expected, the story was a bit to thin and you didn’t actually know that much about the character Logan. It was like:”Here is a guy, he’s been in a war, he finds a picture. Now he’s home and let’s see what happens”. We don’t really know about his past or his family, and that for me is kinda’ sad.

For me the movie was saved by “Ben” who is an 8 year old boy. He is just the best and his acting was amazing.

It can’t be more than 3 out of 5 stars from me. But if you like a real girl movie with some naked Zac Efron and just some cute love scenes and beautiful settings, the movie is something you should check out!


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