Stop whining and get going!


Hey Guys!

Yeah so I hope you are all doin’ great! I just came home from the gym! Damn, I’m all dead! But hey! I lost 5 pounds already! It’s going in the right direction.

But what I really wanna tell you guys is pretty much what the headliner says: Stop whining and get going! Everyday I see and hear girls saying:”Oh I’m so fat” and “I need to loose weight” and now I’m not talking about skinny girls who just feel overweight, but people who actually are… Well… You aren’t gonna loose weight just by complaining… I’ve never been fat… My BMI is normal but I am around 18 pounds overweight if you ask my trainer & my docter, and i wanna loose those pounds! I wanna have abs! lol xD

But really! Get going, if I can, so can you. A lot of my friends tell me that it’s expensive, but trust me, the money you use on fastfood, candy, chips etc, is enough to get you into a gym!

And hey! I’m not saying that you HAVE to loose weight, if you are happy with your body, that is just amazing! I think all people are beautiful and I think you should be just as you want to be, doesn’t matter what your weight says. But, you can’t whine about it and not wanna do anything about it at the same time!

As inspiration to get you started, I just wanted to share with you this picture of my friend Vicki who really got herself going! That is just amazing!


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