Being a fan…


Hey Everybody!

Hope you are all doing well! 🙂
I’ve for some time been wonderin’ about the word “fan”. Cause’ I actually don’t really like that word. I am a “fan” of Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath as some of you might know, but the word fan is really buggin’ me. Mostly because I feel people think it’s a negative thing.

Mostly when people say “fan” they think about screaming, crying girls with posters all over their walls, and trust me, I am not that kind’ of fan. That’s why I normally call myself a “supporter” even though I am a fan.. Yeah it’s confusing, even I’m confused. Also people are talking a lot about “What is a real fan?” Well for me a real fan is someone who supports, helps spreading the word and make new friends because of the person they are a fan of. Just like you make new friends by joining a soccer team. I know I’ve made a lot of new fans because of me being a fan of Drew & Amy.

But sometimes I just think fans go to far. All the crying & screaming really ain’t my thing. I get so sad when I see fans hate on their idols girl/boyfriends. I’ve seen so many Justin Bieber fans hating on Selena Gomez, and when you ask why it’s things like:”Well I don’t like her personality!” or “She is ugly”… What is that? Don’t be jealous just because she is dating your celebrity crush. Be happy for them. Also I argue a lot with people who say:”You can’t hate someone you don’t know”… And really, I do agree with that. But if you can’t hate someone you don’t know, then how can you love someone you don’t know? I’m not gonna say you can’t, I just don’t get it.

And come on.. Why hate on anyone anyway? Spread love guys, not hate 🙂

Amen, lol :o)

Camilla Stormont


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