When things doesn’t go right – Go left!


Hey guys!

Yeah so yesterday my mom came to visit me from Jutland and we had a long talk about my future. I’ll be 21 soon and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone about having problems with figuring out what to do with my future. My “problem” is that I know that I wanna do, but I just don’t have the resources to do it right now. Since I was 16 I’ve worked really hard on getting to know people, finding out how things in the industry I wanna work in works and just took every single job I could in that business!  What I really wanna do is to become a better script writer, and right now (as my bio also says) my dream is to go to L.A for 9 months on a school called “Media & Art school” but well, a school like that ain’t for free and just the flight ticket to the U.S would be my whole salary for 2 months straight.

But today I took a stand after talking to my mom. I’m going to put my education (college) on break for a year or two, and then when this summer is over (and my projects are finished) I’ll find as much work as I can to try and collect money for it. It might take a year and it might take two, but I know I just can’t sit around anymore and just do nothing. It kills me to see my friends going to schools in the U.S. Sadly I don’t have anyone to pay for me like some of my friends have, since I come from what you in Denmark would call a poor family.

Gonna wish, Gonna fight! Gonna do it!

So today I’ll stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will” and pray that in the fall 2013 it will be possible for me to go where I wanna go…

Camilla Stormont


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  1. Don’t go to the USA come to the UK. OK the weather’s not much different than yours but that’s what makes us good songwriters.

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