The summer is starting!


Hey Guys!

So yeah for me the summer is starting tomorrow. It is so (as you might know) that I work + go to school, and tomorrow my school ends. I still have 3 exams over the summer but no school! I just can’t wait…

So what am I going to do this summer? First of all I’m HOPEFULLY going to London with my mom! I havn’t been outside of my country since I was 9 with my mom and I really hope we will make it this year! London is only an hour away in air, so keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get a small vacation this year! Also I’m going to teach at a horse camp this year, I just really love it… Horses and kids, can’t get any better. Last but not least I’m going to plan some new projects for the Make A Wish Foundation Denmark, can’t wait… and ofc. a few other projects! Can’t go without being creative for a whole summer, lol!

I hope I’ll might get a few weeks time to take an internship on a film set or so, but to try something new. Every summer I’ve been working on a film set for a couple of months, but this time I don’t have the time. But well!
Let’s see!

So what are you guys going to do this summer? Tell me on twitter! 

Enjoy the summer!

Camilla Stormont


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