Happy Mothers Day!


Hey Everybody!

Yeah HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I know that it’s not aaaalll over the world that this day is today, but still! I know for sure that I love this day, because I love my mom, and my mom is what this entry is going to be about today!

My mom is just the best mom in the world. Yesterday I was talking with a women who said that:”Everyone has something bad to say about their parents” and when I was a kid, maybe I did. But today I’m not sure… I love my mom, she is just amazing and strong and an amazing role model to me. She supported me when the world was against me and she is the one who can lift my spirit when I feel like giving up. When I’m happy, I call my mom. When I’m sad, I call my mom… I don’t know my dad, and me and my mom have always been very close.

When I was 16 and wanted to move 150 miles away and live in Copenhagen, she moved with me without even hesitating, she is just always there for me. And now even though she moved back to our old 150 miles away, now that I have my own place.

No matter what I just know my mom will always be there for me, she doesn’t always agree with the roads I choose, but she is always there to back me up and support me.

Mom? I love you! You’re the best mom ever and you are such a big inspiration to me, thank you for being who you are…

Camilla Stormont


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