Turn To You!


Hey Guys!

Yeah so as I said on twitter + facebook I would give you a review of Turn To You’n tell you what I think about this new Justin Bieber song. Since “Baby” came out I’ve followed this boy and checked out the new stuff he did cause well he is a talented kid. I wasn’t really a fan of his first new single “Boyfriend” so I’ve been kinda nervous about this new song Turn To You!

So yeah I’ve played the song a few times on my iPod today and here is what I think about it:

The text is AMAZING. Really really amazing… I myself was also brought up by an alone mom. Me and my mom have been through so many horrible things together and my mom just means everything in the world to me, so this song was very emotional to me. Especially the chorus is really amazing. But, if I have to say something bad about this song it’s the beat in the verses.. I’m really not that big of a fan, it’s kinda annoying to me, especially now that the chorus is as amazing as they are. But yeah, I actually kinda’ like his new style. I don’t see why all the haters keep hating, you can’t say that he ain’t talented? 🙂

Great song, great talent!
4 out of 5 stars from me!

This song reminds me of how much I love my mom!


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