Work hard!


Hey guys!

Yeah it’s me again (obviously). So as you might know I go to school + work, and in just ONE WEEK I’ll be DONE with school for now (I have exams, but classes no more!) so yeah… It’s wonderful and then I have two months of vacation… or… vacation… That’s the thing. Since I was 14 I havn’t had vacation. Because I just work SO hard following my dreams that everytime I get more time for myself I book the time, with time to work on my dreams. The summer of 2010 I worked on this Danish movie all summer and it was the best (and maybe also hardest) summer ever. Last year (2011) I worked at this Danish TV station and I started working for the Make A Wish Foundation and spend my summer on a camp teaching children about horses. This summer I’m going back to the horse camp and I’m going to work on some new film projects…

I havn’t been out of the country since I was 9 with my family because we don’t have any money, and what is my point in all this?

Well! It is: Don’t give up on your dreams. It’s going to be hard, there is going to be ups and downs and there is going to be days were you would just wish you didn’t do it. But believe me it’s worth it! The last year has been so amazing, and I can really feel my dream is coming closer!

Remember that you can do it. I mean it, seriously, if I can! So can you! Take every chance you get and do your absolute best! Be kind, smile and kill your bad days by smiling at them!

Believe in yourself, cause I believe in you!

Camilla Stormont


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