How a diet works!


Hey everybody.

Hope you are all enjoying life. I’m just at home, watching Friends. I was home like 3.30 pm and I was just sooo tired, so I though I would just take a quick nap, and what happened? Yup! I just woke up, 6.30 pm… Damn! I must have needed it, but It’s still kinda’ annoying cause now I know I’ll have a trouble sleeping tonight!

As I wrote a few weeks ago in my blog I started running twice every week and do push-ups every evening, and well I’m kinda’ proud of myself for still doing it…. But yeah I just wanted to share with you this amazing video my Jenna Marbles, I laugh every single time I watch it because it’s sooooo true! Haha… Enjoy it.. Guess some of you girls out there know the feeling?

Camilla Stormont


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