I do more than walk, I fly!


Hey everybody!

Hope you all enjoyed your day. I just got home from Jutland after visiting my amazing family. Spend some time with my grandma and it was really amazing. But yeah, now I’m back in Copenhagen and even though I LOVE visiting my family, I also really enjoy being at home in my own apartment.

So today I just wanted to tell you guys about a song  that I don’t know why I have not told you about before, but It’s called “FLY!” If you read my blog often it might not come as a surprise to you that I’m a big fan of the artist named Drew Seeley, and he is the one who wrote this song. Actually the song is so great that my 80 year old grandma liked it and asked me to play it over and over, and she doesn’t even understand English! haha… That is what’s so amazing about music, you don’t even have to understand what the song is about, you just love it.

But the song is amazing and is dedicated to an amazing 14 year old cancer patient named Brooke. As you might know I work at some different charity organisations and especially I love working at the Make A Wish Foundation, and this song really reminds me of some of the amazing and inspiring kids I’ve seen out there! They always have a smile on their faces and they just have such an amazing spirit even though some of them don’t have much time to live in.

So please check out and share this amazing song!
It really is worth it!


Also, if you’ve seen one of my previous topics you’ve might seen that I have a quote from it on my walls?


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