Say hello to ADAM!


Hey Everybody.

Yeah so for at looong time I’ve been thinking about getting myself a new computer. The old one was just in bad shape and didn’t really wanna do things my way. But then again, he was 2½ years old… And why am I saying “he”? Well since I went to boarding school I’ve had this habit naming by computers, and I think it’s pretty chill… My first one was named “Gert” (NO idea why!) the other one was named Terkel, and the last one I had was Charlie. And damn, Charlie has been a great homie, but he just couldn’t take it anymore! So now I got myself a new young friend, his name is ADAM! He is a Packard Bell! xD

And well we already became great friends… It’s just the one thing I hate about getting I new computer is transferring ALL the files, I sped the last 3 hours transfering pictures and I don’t even wanna know how it’s going to be when I have to transfer my 1300 music tracks! So… I know what I’m doing today! What a saturday!

Oh yeah and here is a picture of my new boy!

Camilla Stormont


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