Interview with me and Annahita!


Yeah so me and my friend Annahita was interviewed for “Event Information To Denmark” and “Blog M Online” about how it is being a fan of Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath. Just being asked about the interview was pretty amazing! Because it means more people actually know who Drew & Amy is in Denmark! And just the fact that people actually know who Amy is, when she actually havn’t been released along with anything in Denmark, is pretty damn awesome! So here is the interiew with me and Annahita, translated from Danish! Hope you like it! 🙂

Being a Danish fan of Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath: The journey from zero to hero!

How is it like to run a small fanbase in Denmark? What do you do to spread the word and most of all: How is it like being a fan of a couple? I’ll find out more about that today!
In this interview with Camilla Stormont & Annahita Zangeneh! Owners of Drew Seeley World & Team Paffrath!

What kind of fan do you see yourself as? (Serious, Fangirl, Childish etc?)
Camilla: I think I’m more like a serious supporter. I’m not really the screaming/crying kind of fan. I love supporting and finding new ways to do it!

Annahita: I think I have to realize that I’m a real fangirl!

Why are you fans of Drew & Amy?
Camilla: Because they are amazing and talented people. They are awesome role models and inspirations and if there were more people like them out in the world, I don’t doubt that the world would be a better place. I often wonder why they aren’t more famous!

Annahita: Because they are amazing! I love what they do, and they are like the sweetest celebrities I know too! Drew is the most talented man I know, he sings, dances, acts and plays a lot of different instruments and he is a model (which isn’t a surprise to me). I love what he does and especially because he is really good at what he does. Amy is just SO beautiful and SO sweet, I just really love her!

How did you find out about them?
Camilla: I first heard about Drew through High School Musical. I got the first CD from my mom and for a looong time I thought Zac Efron & Drew Seeley was the same person because I hadn’t seen the movies. I think I really got into being a Drew Seeley fan when Another Cinderella Story came out in Denmark in 2009. I found out about Amy through Drew, and I’m really glad I did!

Annahita: I was watching “Another Cinerella Story” with some friends and after watching it I had to search up Drew who plays J.P. in the movie. I found a lot of pictures and youtube films, fanpages and more. So when I saw Camilla’s post on facebook about needing someone to help make a Street Team video I was blown away!

Some people might say you’re only a fan of Amy because of Drew? What do you think about that?
Camilla: I think it’s ridiculous! First of all a lot of fanbases has this “habit” hating on the girls their idols are dating… And yes, it would be a lie if I didn’t say that the reason I know about Amy is because of Drew. Since I became a fan of Drew I’ve known he was dating a girl named Amy, but I didn’t really know anything else than that, before I started using twitter and started to look her up, and I was just blown away by her history and her talent. It didn’t really matter if she was dating Drew or not, I just love her because she is caring, talented and amazing!

Annahita: It’s just their opinion. Yes we did learn about Amy through Drew, but we made the decision to become fan of her ourselves.

What do you do as a supporter/fan and how do you spread the word?
Camilla: Ehm, I make sure our websites are always updates. We run &, I make sure to post the latest news, new pictures and that the design works. Also we have the twitter accounts, like pages on facebook and much more. We just do everything we can, really. It’s like having a full time job! Ha ha!

Annahita: We make fanvideos, music videos, street team videos, we write a lot of posts on facebook, twitter and youtube. We’ve made facebook pages, twitter accounts, youtube accounts, tumblr accounts and a lot more to spread the word!

Do you have any “fan-dreams”?
Camilla: Well my “fan-deams” already did come true, I LOVE being a fan, I love spending time making the website and so on… I love the fact that I got to talk to so many nice people and I made a lot of new friends! But of course to meet them would be pretty cool!

Annahita: It would be a dream come true, if I met them in person!

Why are you a fan of Amy and Drew? Why not Justin Bieber or Jessica Alba?
Camilla: First of all I’ve always loved finding out more about people that ain’t that famous instead of just following what everybody else likes. It’s not that I don’t think Justin Bieber & Jessica Alba are amazingly talented, but I just fell in love with Drew and Amy and why? Well that’s hard to say, that was just how it was meant to be.

Annahita: Actually I’m also a Belieber. I’m the type of girl who likes a lot of different artists. I’m a HUGE Drew Seeley fan, but I’m also a Belieber, Simponizer, Directioner & Jetsetter. But there is just something special about Drew and Amy that the other artists don’t have that I just LOVE!

So Annahita, How did you react when you heard Amy & Drew were getting married?
Annahita: Well it didn’t come as a surprise actually. For quite some time I’ve been wondering why they weren’t getting married and there were some rumors going around twitter too. But I am SO excited for them, they are just the cutest couple ever!

And Camilla, are you still gonna own Drew Seeley World & Team Paffrath in 10 years?
Camilla: Haha.. Well 10 years, that’s pretty far out in the future. Hopefully at that time my script writing is going so well that Amy and Drew is starring in a movie written by me! Ha ha! But I’m pretty sure I will be running the sites! I don’t just give up on things, I finish what I start… And for those sites they aren’t no finish lines! I’ll keep supporting… Almost like a marriage: ”For better and for worse!”.

So thank you to Camilla & Annahita for sharing with me!
It was wonderful hearing a little more about Drew and Amy!

Written by: Maria Bech, Event Information Denmark & Blog M Online.


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