Birthday mom-day!


Hey Friends!

So today I went out to celebrate my wonderful mom’s birthday! Well actually her birthday is not until tomorrow, but today we both had the time and we just had really fun! I love spending time with my mom now that we both are busy and don’t see each other that often!  So yeah we really had a GREAT day today so I just wanted to share some pictures with you! Hope you enjoy it! :o)

Camilla Stormont

As you can see the weather was perfect!

So here is my mom and me out for lunch!
She is just as weird as me, as you can see! xD

For a long time I’ve wanted a skateboard!
And today I got one… Now I just gotta learn how to use it!

And ofc. when you have a new skateboard..
You also need new skater-ish girl shoes!

Me and my mom ready for dinner in Tivoli!
Love you mom!

In Tivoli! It’s like one of my favorite places in the whole wide world!

Also got this cool cross!
Gotta have faith in God!

A mirror on the sealing in tivoli!
Gotta love it!


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