Top 10 music!


Hey Guys!

As I promised I today wanted my top 10 music list..
Again, as I said yesterday this is only my CURRENT list, maybe in a week or two it’s a whole new list… But yeah, check out the songs.. They are all amazing… It was reaaaaally hard to pick just 10 when I listen to music almost all day, but here is my current top 10 songs! Enjoy!


#1: Drew Seeley – Fly

#2: Shane Dawson – Superluv

#3: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

#4: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

#5: Corbin Bleu – Push it to the limit

#6: Martina McBride – Concrete Angel

#7: Drew Seeley – For The Better

#8: Robbie Williams – Hot Fugde

#9: Willow Smith – Fireball

#10: Jenna Marbles – Bounce That Dick

Camilla Stormont


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