I Love Quotes!


Hey Guys!

Hope you are enjoying your Friday! I know I am… So… I LOVE QUOTES! And I guess I’m not the only one… So today I wanted to share my current top 10 quotes with you! Everything from sayings to lyrics… It changes all the time, but this is how he list is right now. Who knows, maybe you will check back in a few months and see a whole new set of quotes.

But yeah!
If any of YOU (yes YOU!) wonderful people out there have some amazing quotes you wanna share, please feel free to TWEET or FACEBOOK them to me!

#1: “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon”.


#2:”Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by, It’s about learning to dance in the rain”.


#3:”Be the change you wanna see in the world”.


#4:”I’m only limited by what I can dream”.


#5:”Regardless of how much a person has had to overcome, there is no excuse for not going after their dreams”.


#6:”I know what I came to do, and I didn’t come to loose – So I’ll fight until you’re mine, and if trouble comes around I won’t be backing down”.


#7:”Being perfect doesn’t mean being without any mistakes, it just means you don’t wanna change them”.


#8: “No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you. But that’s life! Stay strong!”


#9:” You can’t turn back time and make a whole new beginning, but you can start right now and make a whole new ending”.


#10: “Today is the first day in the rest of your life, make it the greatest”.

Camilla Stormont


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