Today I don’t feel like doing anything!


Hey Everybody!

Yup, as Bruno Mars sings it… Today I don’t feel like doing anything! It’s the first time, in a loooong time where I have ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS! Yup! I am doing nothing… I don’t think I’ve had a day like this in half a year! So today it is… The only thing I’m gonna do today is spoil myself! I’m going to chill, watch TV, listen to music… Tweet with you guys just for fun… I’m going out for a run later and getting ready for work tomorrow wish nail polish and new clothes! It just doesn’t get any better!

Sometimes I think it’s really a great thing just being home and just being yourself. Just let go of the world for a minute! So today, this Sunday it’s my day!

I just wanted to share with you guys two songs you just HAVE to listen to a wonderful day like this! It is of course Drew Seeley’s “Lazy Daze” and Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy song”… Check’em out if you don’t already know’em!

Camilla Stormont


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