Give Back!


Hey guys!

The last couple of days have really been crazy and they really got me think about a lot of things. First of all, today I was out with the Make A Wish Foundation, Denmark to surprise this amazing 8 year old boy who more than anything in the world, wished to go to Barcelona and see his favorite team F.C Barcelona play soccer! So… Today we said hello a long with his best friend, he hospital clown Stella! Look at this amazing picture of Lucas getting the surprise, he is such a sweet kid and we were all very touched!

Also as some of you know I’m a big Drew Seeley fan and the last couple of days I’ve really thought a lot about his latest project “Fly” with this amazing girl Brooke! I have this necklace and inside it is a dream… And yesterday I changed the dream for something I really wanna happen in my career to that I really want Brooke to get better – and all the other cancer kids & teens out there. Cause for some reason, I find a life a little bit more important than my career.

If you don’t know FLY by Drew Seeley, please check it out!


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