The Hunger Games!


Hey Guys (And Girls!)

Yeah so I went to see “The Hunger Games” for the second time last night. Actually I didn’t mean to… First time I watched it with a friend and second time I joined my lil’sis who really wanted to see the movie. But what do I think about it? Hm… Well I think it’s a great movie first of all, the script it just really well written, you can laugh in it, cry, you get angry, you get happy.. Every emotion is in the movie!

The thing is though, I’m not really into the ending (without spoiling anything)… But well, I’ve heard there is going to be a “The Hunger Games II” so I hope that one will explain to me why the script writer wanted the movie to end like it did. And in some of the scenes, a little toooooo much handheld camera… I almost got a headache!

But don’t it the wrong way! The movie is really good, I mean there is a reason I agreed to watch it two times! And when the second movie come out, I’m diffidently going to watch that one too!


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