Girls crying out loud!


Hey Guys!

Haha, damn… Today we really cried out loud! I met up with 3 of my amazing friends because we all work together on this secret project that will be online soon! But yeah, Annahita had to go early today so it ended up being just me, Ashley & Silene… And damn we just really had a “Crying out loud” evening. We started of by watching Titanic…. Haha! You just HAVE to cry when you watch that movie, and after that, it all just went down hill from there!

We watched Concrete Angel & God’s Will my Martina McBride, youtube films about cancer girls, the “I miss you daddy” video from 9/11 and so much more… And we just really had a “Girls-crying-out-loud” night, but damn it was great just getting it all out there xD.

So yeah, if you don’t know the things above, go check them out! They are really awesome!

Camilla Stormont


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