Damn you exercise…


Hey Guys!

So yeah I’m home in Copenhagen, wonderful really. I love visiting friends and I had a great visit at Line’s… But as we say in Denmark:”Out is great – home is best”.

So but yeah, I decited to loose some weight! Not that I feel fat or anything, I like myself just as I am, but you know.. Since I became a script writer and since I moved to Copenhagen I spend a lot of time just sitting infront of the computer, and well… I’m just in a really bad shape! So I wanna change that now!

As some of you know I’m a vegetarian, so I already eat a lot of vegetables etc, but I don’t really do much but walk, so now I decided to run every other day to go back in the shape I was in when I was 16! So the most important thing when I run ofc. is music! That’s really what keeps me going, so I just wanted to share with you guys the 10 songs that’s on my running-play-list in random order.

Corbin Bleu – Push It To The Limit
Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath – Kill 4 You
Pittbull – Raise The Roof
Take That – Love Love
Robbie Williams – Let Love Be Your Energy
Drew Seeley – Damn Right I’ve Changed
Demi Lovato – Who Will I Be?
Take That – SOS
Willow Smith – Whip My Hair
Yolanda Adams – I Believe

That’s it for today guys!
Have an amazing day…

Camilla Stormont


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