Photoshoot with Line!


Hey guys!

Yeah so another day, last day of vacation on Fyen, tomorrow night I’m going home to Copenhagen. One thing in me is like:”Oh noooo I don’t wanna go home!” and then the other part is like:”I miss my apartment and my horses”. Ha ha! So tomorrow it is! Today me and Line went outside to make a small photoshoot, cause as some of you may know we run the fashion blog on so I just wanted to share the pictures with you guys! Enjoy!

I believe I can fly!
Line called this my “Michael Jackson – Move”!
Chilling in the sun!
More chillin’ in the sun!
I can feel the summer is near!
Dear Tree… Here’s my number, so call me maybe?
Me & Line’s dog “Futte” reading in one of the Twilight books..
Never really got into it…
Give me sunshine!
I can do magic!
Me, Line & “Futte” :o)

Thank you for reading! Love you guys!

Have an amazing day!

xoxo Camilla Stormont


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