Girl just wanna have fun, part II


Hey Guys!

Yeah as you prob. know I’m right now spending spring vacation chilling with my amazing friend Line… And yeah as I said yesterday we just wanna have fun! So we spend a really weird and fun day at this big mall in Odense, Denmark. Enjoy the weird pictures xD

Yeah so we were in this DVD shop and tried to collect all the Drew Seeley items we could just for fun. We found.. 3! That’s more than usual! xD

And yeah Line who is a huuuuge Selena Gomez fan ofc. also found the stuff with her in the store! Damn.. I felt like a teenager in that shop! xD

Just to prove how crazy we actually are…

Like my new caps?

Ready… GOOO!


And after at true girl, crazy fan day… This was what I ended up with! xD

Thanks for watching our weird life as it’s happening!


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