Give back!


Hey guys!

Damn I love these 2 words, give back!  There is actually nothing that can make me smile more than the though about giving back to the world and I really think more of you boys and girls out there should give make, do something good for the world! It could be anything! A smile can change a whole day for some people!

Personalty I work at the Make A Wish Foundation, Denmark and It’s really a big part of my life. I just love visiting the kids and see how strong they are. I’ve been visiting a lot of kids the last year and I’ve never seen a kid be mad or angry, they always smile and they are always so kind even though they all have diseases that could kill’em. They are just amazing and it’s the most inspiring work I have ever done! Also I go to schools and tell kids that they should believe in their dreams! I talk to them, all of them. Bullied kids, kids on schools who lost hope or just stopped believing in themselves, telling them that they should never give up! I share my story and tell them that if I can do it, so can they! Last but not least I ofc. donate/give blood. This I do because I am a part of the Make A Wish foundation and around 80% of all the blood you give goes to cancer patients and most of the kids at the Make A Wish foundation are cancer patients.

Sometimes my family wonders why I wanna give without getting something in return, but they really just don’t get it, I get SO much in return. Really. I’ve learned so much about life and about myself that I wouldn’t return it for anything in the world.

Right now I’m working on this new secret thing so you guys can see just how amazing it is to give back! I myself don’t have a lot of money to give, so instead I help raising the money that’s needed and I help spreading the word around the small country I live in. Together we can change the world!

Wait and see! 🙂 Thanks for your time! Smile and give back, you can do it!


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