Fan-Girl Day!


Hey Everybody!

Yeah so today was really a fan-girl day! I was out making our new I Kissed A Vampire support video! We made it because my two favorite actors in the whole wide world is in it: Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath, and also I think Lucas Grabeel and Adrian Slade are amazingly talented and therefor we just HAD to tell Denmark about’em! So yeah we were out filming and you can watch the result right here. Also Drew, as the amazingly sweet person he is, send us some signed posters as a thanks for the fan-song we made him a month ago, and well I couldn’t help but filming how my friend Annahita reacted when she got her poster…

So yeah the day has actually been pretty good… It’s a weird thing being a fan, cause… My mom is like: “You are a real fan-girl” and my friends are like: “You’re not a fangirl at all?” But I think it’s because that I’m not the type who is just screaming about someone or crying over them or whatever, I see being a fan as being a supporter and help spreading the word!  But being a fan of someone is all about being inspired, I know for me it is! Being inspired by what the person does and what the person stands for. I love being a fan and I got so many wonderful experience out of it!

Think that was all for me today guys! Thank you for reading!



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